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Hungry For Words – Book Club

Who Is This Book Club For?

For book lovers, voracious readers or those wishing to expand their reading repertoire. Also for those who enjoy my blog and who wish to get to know me through what I read and my thoughts. Join if you are looking for a community of readers to discuss and have thought provoking conversations about the book(s) presented. Come discover new books you’ve never heard of, books you’ve been meaning to read, or come re-discover books you’ve already read in a new way as part of a community. Enjoy!

Book(s) of the month: January 2017

milk and honey, rupi kaur

The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Tupac Shakur

About This Book Club

Every month, I will post a book here that I am reading. Feel free to read along with me either the book of this month or of previous months. Comment on your thoughts regarding the book whether you are reading it now with me, or have read it in the past and post suggestions of books to be chosen for future months. Some months, I may put several books all having to do with a similar category e.g. poetry and so you can choose to read one, or all! I will try to post prompt questions to get your creative juices flowing (and you are free to post your own) and to refer back to so you can make the most of your reading.

This is an interactive book club, a community participating in dialogue surrounding our thoughts and feelings about different books and genres, writing styles etc…If you add prompt questions I will gladly add them and I will also feature a page where if you love to write and decide to challenge yourself by writing something imitating the style of that particular author or book it will be featured on a sister page. So please do not be shy to share your thoughts, they are welcomed and encouraged!


Rules For This Book Club

As long as you maintain a respectful attitude towards others and accept that while you may not agree with someones opinion or interpretation we are all entitled to our own opinion you may share and post what you wish (no profanity please unless it is quoting profanity in what we are reading). I want this to be  safe space to honestly contribute, share and exchange ideas surrounding literature and life. You can attach links, or pictures of things that you thought of during your reading (just please explain what it is your are posting and why). **NO SPAM and NO posting links of your own blog to for the purpose of advertising** If you would like to post a link to a post you have posted that you feel represents the theme or style we are engaging in that month, feel free just again explain that. If you are not able to be a part of this community in a respectful way you will be dismissed from my blog and unable to continue to contribute.


Where Is The Hungry For Words Book Club Based?

I am based in the NYC area and if enough people are interested and those from the NYC area, we could meet once a month at a bar or coffee house to have an in person discussion of the book along with some friendly, thought provoking chat.However, you do not need to live in the NYC area in order to contribute online. This is open to anyone, anywhere, of any age. Diversity is the nectar of inspiration.


Do I Need To Buy These Books Every Month?

No. You do not need to buy these books, you can always go into your nearest library to look for them or pop into Barnes & Noble and read part or all of it there. If PDF’s are available online I will supply links to them. I will also post excerpts and quotes (as can you!) If you do wish to purchase it though, that is great and I will try to find the cheapest source for purchasing.


What Can I Expect To Get Every Month?

Exposure, knowledge, great conversation, and inspiration! 🙂 I will give a brief summary of the books coming up as well as price range and genre.I will also provide where you can buy the books if you wish to purchase, (and if you do not a PDF if it is available), excerpts to read in case you can not afford to purchase the book and no PDF is available so you can still be exposed, read and contribute based on what you have read. I will also provide a picture of the cover, an about the author section, links to their pages (if they have one) and a link to my goodreads account for this book club so you can always follow there too!

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